Taking payment

All payments collected through paid registration features in MemberReference go straight into your own merchant account. We do not keep any of your money.

Your members can pay online using MemberReference

Your members can pay online

MemberReference allows you to set up multiple different member types with different costs associated with each.

If your members prefer to pay by cash, cheque or electronic funds transfer, you can record their payments through the admin pages.


Offer add-on products

Offering club merchandise (if you have it) that can be purchased at the time of renewal is another great feature of using MemberReference. Whatever the options, MemberReference helps you by creating a product catalogue for your members to see when they are renewing.

Even if your main membership is free - you can still offer extra products to the members and allow them to get more from their membership by selling them extras.

Offer add-on products to your members using MemberReference
Add or integrate with a variety of different payment gateways using MemberReference

Integrates with a variety of payment gateways

MemberReference already integrates with the most common payment gateway providers including PayPal, SagePay, Barclays EPDQ, DataCash, NetBanx, WorldPay and Stripe. This means that if you are with any of these providers then we can integrate your registration with your merchant account and have you taking payments very quickly.

We are also continually looking at other payment gateway providers to integrate with as and when the need arises for our customers.


Flexible reporting and management of payments

Obviously, the power to take payments is no use if you can't see who has and hasn't paid quickly and easily. With MemberReference you can see who has paid what and when.

You can also go into a member's record and see everything that they have purchased in any transactions that they have completed. When you couple this with our powerful workflow system it means you can keep track of all the financial elements of your event.

See reports and manage payments using MemberReference

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