Membership management

MemberReference takes the hassle out of managing your membership records. You can have online membership renewal but still handle those members who want to send you a membership form. It gives you secure storage and protects members' details making it easier to comply with data protection legislation. It even allows you to send a nagging email to members who haven't renewed yet.

Have multiple admin users to enhance security using MemberReference

Multiple Admin Users and Maximum Security

Keeping your members' details private is more important than ever today. MemberReference helps you to do that. You can create a separate administrator account for each person who needs to be able to see your membership list. Each of them will have their own user name and password so, provided they don't let anybody else use those details, you'll be restricting access to the list, just as the law requires.

Equally important, if one of your team leaves, their access to the system can be shut down very easily.

In addition, each user account can have 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) enabled. This is a smartphone app that provides a one-time code that needs to be entered when you login, in addition to your normal username and password. You only have to enter this once every 30 days if you trust the machine you're using and it greatly increases the security of your user account.

SSL encrypted hosting

In line with best industry practices, MemberReference is fully HTTPS encrypted by default meaning any information transmitted over the internet between a user and the system is fully protected.

RefTech has been declared an ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certified company – the first in the badging and registration industry to achieve this important security status.

Our ISO certification is for the company as a whole – all of our systems and all of our facilities have been independently inspected and meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2017.

Fully encrypted hosting meaning full protection over the internet using MemberReference
View statistics about your members using MemberReference

View high level statistics about your members

Once you've got people renewing their membership, it's important for you to stay informed about what's happening and extract meaningful information from the data.

MemberReference has a dashboard that shows you high level statistics about your organisation. It also enables you to very easily create summary reports with graphs to allow you to maintain a complete overview.

Our belief is that being able to report quickly and efficiently on all aspects of your data is key to understanding how to make the things work better for everyone.

Easily find and manage members

During the membership process, you will have questions and queries about members or from members. In these instances, it is important that you can find the member in question quickly and easily and then answer any question about that person or perform management tasks on that record.

Our reporting system is designed so that you can access a member record from inside the report meaning you can create custom reports of members that match certain criteria and then manage them using the report.

The following How To Guides provide detailed instructions on how to find and manage members:

Find and manage your members using MemberReference
Create workflows to perform common tasks using MemberReference

Create workflows to perform common tasks on member records

Our powerful workflow engine allows you to create complex rules and sets of actions that can make decisions and perform actions on certain records within the system.

The workflow engine means you can automate the process of looking inside a member's record and change things about their record according to whatever rules you want.

We even have a batch processing mode so you can perform set actions against a whole set of records at once.

View incomplete applications

Sometimes people get distracted when they are doing things on the internet and that applies to your site as well which means that they may not finish their application.

MemberReference is designed to capture any details that are entered into the form when they click to change page. This means that if someone abandons a multi-page membership form after the first page we will have their basic contact details stored as an "Incomplete Online Registration".

Using our reporting system you can easily find and email these people with a special "Smart Link" to allow them to continue their application from where they left off resulting in less lost memberships.

View incomplete membership applications or renewals using MemberReference
Import and invite your members to renew using MemberReference

Import and invite members

You've probably been keeping your membership list on a spreadsheet. If that's the case, you can import all your current members into MemberReference. When renewal time comes, you can send them a reminder email that includes a smartlink. All they have to do is to click on the link and they'll be taken straight to your MemberReference page with their details already completed. They can update their details and, if you've opted for online payments, pay with their card. If they prefer, they can choose to pay by cheque or cash although if they do that you'll have to update their payment record manually.

Please remember that it's important that any email marketing you carry out using this feature must comply with the relevant data protection legislation.

Communicate with Members

You're likely to need to communicate with members on a number of occasions. For example, you'll want a quick and easy way to send nagging emails to those members who haven't yet renewed. MemberReference helps you to do that, using email content that you create. Perhaps you want to send an email telling all your members about your AGM. MemberReference helps you to do that, again using email content that you create. If yours is a sailing club for example, you might want to send an email with the season's programme of dinghy races to all the dinghy racers. Provided you've asked members whether they're interested in dinghy racing on the membership form, MemberReference helps you to do that.

MemberReference helps to simplify the task of communicating with members so helps to make your organisation even more successful.

Our content management tool also allows you to setup all your transactional emails which are sent as a result of people doing things on the system such as membership approval or membership accepted.

Communicate with your members via email using MemberReference

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