Cloud-based Membership Management

Everything you need to create your own online membership management system

With UK support and a dedicated team to help get you set up, we are here to help you create the best membership management system.

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MemberReference - the easiest to use membership record system

With MemberReference you can:

  • Add new members and update existing members' details quickly
  • See who hasn't renewed and who hasn't paid easily
  • Send follow-up emails to late payers
  • Tailor the system to suit your specific needs with ease
  • Create an online membership form in a few minutes

MemberReference – it's quick and it's easy

ISO 27001 Information Security Management certified


Your members' details will be safe in MemberReference: our systems are ISO 27001 certified meaning that they have been independently audited and found to be secure.

All information is passed over encrypted links and is stored securely.

Your members' information is safe with MemberReference.